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How An ECommerce Beauty Company Embraced A 92% Increase In Customer Retention Using The Conversational AI Chatbot?

Most of the beauty brands use innovative methods when it comes to technology usage for their business including AR, VR ...

Most of the beauty brands use innovative methods when it comes to technology usage for their business including AR, VR techniques. On the other hand, conversational chatbots also play a major role in three major areas like increasing brand awareness, reducing the customer acquisition than usual & improving customer experience in real-time.

Beauty brands are always looking for ways to improve their eCommerce platforms, and one way they do this is by using conversational AI chatbots. Beauty chatbots are designed to engage with customers and help them find the products they’re looking for. By using this technology, brands can improve their customer retention rates, as well as reduce customer service expenses.

About the company

This brand is dedicated to providing consumers with skincare & haircare products that are unique and innovative. The brand uses mostly glass and jute as packing materials, which are both environmentally friendly and sustainable. This brand is predominant in southern India and is quickly expanding its reach across the country. The company is still new to the eCommerce space.

The Challenge

The company is new to the eCommerce space, and as such, they face some marketing challenges. They don’t have a strong brand presence yet, which makes it difficult for them to market their products to a large audience.

They have a problem with customer support. Customers have reported issues with shipping times and difficulty contacting customer service.

The company’s Goal

The company’s main focus is customer satisfaction, but they find it difficult to achieve this because of the high number of customer support inquiries.

To improve their customer support. They want to make it easier for customers to find the products they’re looking for and have fewer issues when doing so.

To reduce customer support expenses as well as increase customer retention rates.

They also want to expand their reach across the country so that more people can access their products.


Pre-sales: Get in touch with potential customers and educate them on the brand and its products.

Pre-sales: Educate the customers on ongoing offers and discounts

Sales: Providing the customers with information regarding the products and shipping times

Post Sales: Ensure the customer can receive a timely response regarding any issue.

The Solution

Sending automated cross-channel welcome notes

Boost sales with chatbot's automated broadcasts

Persona segmentation upsells, increases AOV

Boost sales with cart tracking & order tracking

The chatbot is directly connected with their eCommerce store & Meta to fetch the product carousels for the customers to find the products faster and easier than ever before. It does this by performing a search for the customer and then presenting them with a list of products that match their search criteria using intelligent automation. This inturn collects & saves the data based on the persona interest which is later segmented for retargeting & upselling purposes.

Suggestions that were given by the Todook team to the beauty brand

Automated cross-channel welcome notes: By sending these messages across multiple channels such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Email, you will create a stronger connection with those who receive them and increase the chances that they will convert from visitor to customers. This established themself as an authority on the topic of their product or service.

Send quotes and offers to potential customers via the chatbot’s automated broadcasts to increase conversion rates and encourage them to buy your product.

Using persona segmentation based on their past purchase with the brand, we were able to use upselling & cross selling methods which increased the average order value.

Todook’ AI conversational chatbot was designed to help you with a variety of customer service tasks, including resolving disputes, increase abandoned cart conversions, tracking orders, collect survey about the product, reviews of the product, personalized offers based on the purchase value, festive & holiday season promotions, providing customer support across multiple channels using single dashboard, and more



Increase in sales


Increase in customer satisfaction


Increase in upsell revenue

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