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Know How We Increased Sales By 30% And Customer Loyalty By 20% In Less Than 5 Months: Real Estate

In the real estate industry, a customer’s first impression is important. They want to see that a company has been responsive...

About the company

In the real estate industry, a customer’s first impression is important. They want to see that a company has been responsive and that you’re there for them. While customers may not be able to tell how much time it takes for you to respond, they will notice if you don’t respond at all.

A Real Estate company based out of Chennai and Coimbatore that caters to clients in these two cities. The company’s business model is built around providing premium apartments and villas to customers across all verticals.

This real estate company had been struggling with the issue of getting back to their prospects on time it was taking too long for a response from any of their agents. They needed a way to get their customer enquiries back on track so they could serve their customer’s problem more efficiently and effectively.

Problem statement

When this real estate company decided to switch to an omnichannel model for their business, they realized that they needed a new way to communicate with their customers. Their old approach was focused on email and phone calls, but these methods of communication weren’t working for them anymore the people who were using them weren’t getting the kind of attention they needed or deserved!

So they searched for an omnichannel AI chatbot that could help them improve customer service without having to sacrifice time spent talking to people in person or over the phone. They found exactly what they needed in Todook: an omnichannel chatbot that could get them integrated to multiple channels and respond to customers at once.

The Solution

More personalized conversations

Voice Recognition for collecting data

Provided Multi-lingual support

Quick response and communication

Todook is a super chatbot that helps companies manage their customer conversations. Let’s say you want to improve your business and gain more customers. Our solutions help you ask questions the right way, engage better with potential and current customers, and manage the whole process.

This real estate company then opted for Todook chatbot services because they wanted a solution that would help them increase their sales, improve customer loyalty, and free up time for employees who were busy dealing with customers’ questions.

In less than five months, the client company increased its sales by 30% and increased its customer loyalty by 20%.

The Results

The results were remarkable! With Todook’s help, this real estate company was able to increase their sales by 30% and increase their customer loyalty by 20%. In addition, they were able to convert more Prospects into deals than ever before!

The reason for this was that they were able to create more personalized conversations with the customers through the AI chatbot. This resulted in an increase in customer loyalty and conversion rates.

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