Reach your audience using super-easy workflow in WhatsApp. Be where they are.

Engage & Scale

Simplify engagement with your customers and scale your business to next level using automated bot..

Managed Hosting

No need to be a techie, when we are there to help you manage your customers.


Who is Todook?

Todook is a WhatsApp automation chatbot using the WhatsApp Business API. Todook can take care of your customer engagement, be it your customer service queries, be it your new business enquiries, Todook is your go-to bot to help you manage your customers with a seamless experience. Todook will also give you a simplified dashboard to see the engagement in the form of enquiries, service requests, engagements, etc., Experience Todook to realize its power of engagement.


Todook in action..

Initial Setup Stage

We will help you setup the account in FB business, WhatsApp number verification and WhatsApp name verification*

Development Stage

We will get your workflows created for your chatbot, customize the dashboard for your ease, connect the dots to kickstart your chatbot

Manage Stage

You're live, Todook will help monitor your conversations (backend), and reporting. Your data is yours to view.


So, Todook will provide...

Simple Dashboard

A simplified dashboard to view the interactions, engagements, realtime count or orders, service tickets, etc., The dashboard can be customized to your view

Artificial Intelligence

Yeah, yeah, the same old AI with a new look to help you provide recommendations and forecasting the problem statements. Todook loves to interact with you also, you know!

Auto trigger

If you want to interact with your customers on a weekly or monthly or daily basis, you can command Todook to send a standard approved template message with a set frequency.


A long road with a scheduled map and a plan, auto piloting your business, Todook will be your 24X7 go-to guy when your customers need you to answer their questions. Sales or service, integrate with your CRM and Todookify your customers.


Answer my questions first..

What Is A Chatbot?
A chatbot is a software application used to conduct an on-line chat conversation via text, in lieu of providing direct contact with a live human agent.
How many conversations can we build?
For one WhatsApp number you can create only one conversation, but the conversation can be built very smart to handle any queries.
Will you help me build a chatbot?
Absolutely, we would love to. You know, after deploying over 100 chatbots for our happy customers, we are pretty excited to jump on a call to help you develop a seamless workflow, so that you never miss a sale or a service request.
Where should I start?
First ask yourself if this is a good time to engage a chatbot. Any mainly are your customers present in WhatsApp. If you're convinced with your answer, we can take it forward.
What will be my investment for this?
There will be a standard monthly license fee.. But this varies per country as per WhatsApp fee..Boring.. You know what? Why don't you ask Todook this question? Click on the Experience button on the top of this page, see that orange color button on the top right corner? Yeah, the same one..
How far you will be helping us run this chatbot?
We thought it would help a lot of non-techie customer establish this workflow, so we will travel with you along the journey by assisting you in setup to deploy and to manage Todook. But trust me Todook is a sweet angel and will well-behave with you.
Can I use any name for the chatbot?
So this is a tough question. We can propose any name to the chatbot, but WhatsApp only approves popular names, till then only your number will be visible in the chatbot.
What should be my number for Todook?
You can link any of your existing number - mobile or landline or toll-free, but the number should be accessible to update the OTP and the number should not have been used in WhatsApp before. But relax, we will anyway handhold you during the setup..
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