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A leading Malaysian restaurant Transforms Operations: How Todook’s Chatbot reduced Commissions by 30% and Revolutionized Customer Experience

Todook offered a comprehensive set of features to address the key pain points faced by our client.....

About the client

Our Client is a leading food business tycoon in Malaysia, specializing in delivering delicious and authentic meals to customers. They turned to Todook, an AI-powered conversational chatbot, to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

The Challenge
  • Reducing Commissions and Eliminating Price Inflation: This restaurant grappled with the burden of high commissions paid to third-party delivery platforms like Food Panda and Grab. These commissions contributed to inflated prices for customers, making their food less affordable. This posed a significant pain point for customers who were seeking reasonably priced and high-quality meals.
  • Lack of Customer Data: Another critical challenge faced by the restaurant was the inability to access customer data when using platforms like Food Panda and Grab. Without customer information, they were unable to effectively retarget customers or analyze their preferences and behaviours. This lack of data hindered their ability to optimize marketing strategies and nurture customer relationships.
The Solution

Logistics Partner Integration

Reduced Commissions by 30%

Improved Customer Experience

Integrated safe Payment Gateway

With Todook, an AI-powered conversational chatbot, the restaurant could revolutionize their business operations and enhance profitability. Todook offered a comprehensive set of features to address the key pain points faced by our client:

  • Reduced Commissions by 30%: Todook’s chatbot solution enabled the restaurant tycoon to bypass the high commissions charged by Food Panda and Grab. By integrating the chatbot with their existing ordering system, customers could place their orders directly through WhatsApp, eliminating the need for intermediaries. As a result, our client reduced their commissions by 30%, significantly improving their profit margins.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Todook eliminated a major pain point for customers—paying high prices due to commissions. By streamlining the ordering process and removing the additional costs associated with third-party delivery platforms, our client provided their customers with affordable and competitive pricing, resulting in a more satisfying experience.
  • Acquisition and Utilization of Customer Database: One of the key benefits of using Todook’s chatbot was the ability to collect and utilize customer data. Todook gathers valuable customer information, including preferences, order history, and contact details. With this valuable information, they could retarget customers and drive repeat orders, resulting in increased sales and improved customer retention. The cost of acquiring a new customer was reduced to less than RM10, further optimizing their marketing expenses.
  • Enhanced Customer Retention and Lifetime Value: Todook allowed the restaurant to provide personalized recommendations, promotions, and discounts based on customer preferences and ordering history via WhatsApp broadcasting. By nurturing customer relationships and offering a seamless ordering experience, our client experienced a significant increase in customer retention. The high lifetime value of their customers, who repeatedly ordered their delicious meals, contributed to sustainable business growth.
  • Integrated Payment Gateway for Instant Payments: Todook seamlessly integrated a secure payment gateway into our client’s. This enabled customers to make instant payments within the WhatsApp interface, enhancing convenience and ensuring a smooth transaction process. By eliminating the need for cash on delivery or third-party payment systems, this restaurant tycoon improved operational efficiency and enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Efficient Backend Data Collection: To enable effective data management, Todook integrated with Google Sheets. This ensured that all relevant data, including customer orders, preferences, and feedback, was efficiently collected and organized. The backend data collection allowed our client to analyze customer insights and make data-driven business decisions for future growth and optimization.
  • Logistics Partner Integration: Todook’s integration with the Restaurant’s’ logistics partner through their AI-powered chatbot played a pivotal role in creating a positive and streamlined delivery experience. By providing real-time tracking, efficient scheduling, and customer feedback, the integration contributed to customer satisfaction, loyalty, and, ultimately, the success of Food Asia Solutions’ food business.
The Results

Through their collaboration with Todook, our client achieved remarkable outcomes:

  • Reduced commissions paid to third-party platforms by 30%, resulting in enhanced profitability.
  • Customers benefited from lower prices, eliminating the pain of high pricing caused by commissions.
  • Access to a comprehensive customer database allowed our client to retarget customers effectively and personalize their marketing strategies.
  • Achieved a low customer acquisition cost of less than RM10, leveraging the customer database for targeted marketing campaigns.
  • High customer retention rates due to improved customer experience and personalized promotions.
    Streamlined payment collection process through an integrated payment gateway.
  • Collected critical data through Todook’s backend integration with Google Sheets, enabling data-driven decision-making.

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