Make eCommerce chatbot solutions a part of your business.

Chatbots are becoming more and more popular these days, as they allow businesses to automate a variety of tasks. They can be used to handle customer service inquiries, abandoned cart recovery, help with product sales, Upselling and much more.

One common use for chatbots is eCommerce. By using a chatbot to interact with customers through their preferred platform (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.), businesses can streamline the checkout process and enhance the overall customer experience.

Todook's chatbot can also be integrated with woo commerce, CRM, etc . for an enhanced eCommerce experience.


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Using abandoned cart chatbots alongside Messenger boosts ecommerce revenue


Lead capturing for retargeting while using the bot

Chatbots are new but have quickly become time-saving tools for SMEs & D2C businesse. Give yours a chance today to see how it can benefit your business from upsales to product recommendations!

Some Use-cases of e-commerce chatbots

Online product sales

A chatbot can help with online product sales by providing customers with information about products and helping them make purchasing decisions. The chatbot can also handle customer service issues, such as refunds or returns, as well as answering questions about the products.

Ordering food through a chatbot

A chatbot can be used to order food through an online platform. The bot can provide ordering instructions and track the progress of the order throughout its journey from purchase to delivery.

Grocery shopping

A chatbot can help with grocery shopping by providing shoppers with product information, coupons, and other discounts. The bot can also recommend products based on customer preferences or dietary requirements.

Booking a hotel room through a chatbot

A chatbot could be used to book hotel rooms through an online platform. The bot could provide directions for booking the room as well as information about the property, such as amenities and rates.

Todook has been designed with simplicity and trustworthiness in mind. You can try it now to see how an AI agent can help you!

Benefits of e-commerce chatbots

Order Tracking

This helps you save time and money by automatically providing quotes for your specific needs. Additionally, it is easy to use and efficient in completing the quoting process.

Abandoned cart

Prevent abandoned carts by messaging customers when their cart is full and setting a time limit for them to complete the purchase

Tracking reminders

Send helpful reminders to customers regarding upcoming deadlines, product purchases or other important events

Personalized recommendations

Personalize the experience for each customer by recommending products that match their specific interests and needs

Cross-sell and Up-sell

Sell products by suggesting similar items that customers may want

Social Commerce

Meta has announced that it will start accepting payments through chatbots. This means that you can now purchase products and services directly from WhatsApp, Instagram & Facebook with a chatbot!

Cart Details

Fetch details from the customers cart, such as the product ID, quantity and price. This can help you keep track of orders and avoid any potential confusion or issues with inventory.

Customer support

keep track of feedback from customers so that you can improve your business practices as needed.

Give yours a chance today to see how it can benefit your business from upsales to product recommendations!

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