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How has a real estate company achieved a whopping 94% customer response rate using Todook?

The days are gone when we must wait for the information to be shared. Plenty of information is available on the web...

The days are gone when we must wait for the information to be shared. Plenty of information is available on the web; the question is: “What’s the correct data?”. And in the information age, we seek clarity from the data owners, but your customer is eager to get the data instantly. Are you ready to provide the information to your customer in the most common and most accessible format that they can access in a short span?.

About the company

The client is one of Asia’s most prominent residential and commercial real-estate promoters, established in 1995.

This company began converting available land banks into aspirational living spaces, which have remained iconic as a destination for peaceful and high-quality living, to identify exponential opportunities in the city’s housing needs. As a result, the brand has built solid trust amongst its consumers and delivered many peaceful residences, endearing itself in their minds as a “dream come true” for residential and commercial spaces.

The Challenge

When the number of units grows horizontally and vertically, managing customer queries in pre-sales, sales, and post-sales become a hectic day-to-day activity.

The company was executing campaigns on social media, and the lead leakage was heavy. Think of a scenario when a potential customer enquires about a property on Friday at 5 PM local time, considering he will finish visiting the site over the weekend, and no one is available to call him till Monday when the prospect becomes cold. The question is, how do we improve the turnaround time?

The Real Estate Company’s goal

Respond to customer support in a timely and effective manner

The company’s immediate goal is to provide customer support that is timely and effective. It wants to ensure that its customers always have the best possible experience when dealing with the company. They want to ensure that all issues are taken care of as quickly as possible so that the customer can continue their experience with the company smoothly.


Pre-sales: Ensure the customer has all the required information on WhatsApp

Pre-sales: Reach the customer with a welcome message and provide him options to navigate using an automated chatbot

Sales: Qualify the prospective leads to utilize the time of the sales team better

Post Sales: Ensure the customer can receive a response from the company’s agent on time.

The Solution

Automated cross-channel welcome note

Set Follow up reminders

Send quotes and offers

Bot to Human takeover by setting tags

The Real Estate Company is excited to use Todook, the super automation chatbot. With this Todook, they defined workflows to communicate with their customers through a variety of channels easily. In addition, the Todook team suggested the client automate multiple tasks, such as:

Trigger and send an automated cross-channel welcome note to the prospects from Facebook, Instagram, and Google to WhatsApp and drive the conversation there,

Set a reminder to follow up with the customer based on their chosen actions

Identify the crucial points in the workflow, set tags appropriately, and send a notification to the sales team for human takeover.

Send quotes and offers.

The good news is: They’re already seeing great results.

Using Todook, the customer’s marketing team identified the prospects who had expressed interest in purchasing a property in the past or who had mentioned specific keywords related to real estate. Todook then sends the segmented prospects a message. The prospect landed on the chatbot when they clicked on the provided URL. The chatbot will also remind the people to respond if they haven’t done so in a while.

To date, Todook automatically replied to over 8000 messages and has noticed a significant increase in sales-qualified leads.

In addition to using Todook to communicate with their customers, the Real Estate Company also uses it as a scheduling tool that helps the prospect to experince the virtual tour, book appointments with the site manager for a physical visit, etc. In addition, the Virtual Tour reminder helped the company get more interesting cross-border sales-qualified leads.

So far, using Todook, the company has sent out over 1500 virtual tours and has been able to book appointments for properties every day since. The automation helped the customer save time, energy, and money!

Suggestions that were given by the Todook team to the beauty brand

Quick time to react: For the pre-sale prospects who expressed interest in the property. Time to reach came down from hours to a few seconds.

Qualifying prospects using Todook and automation helped the customer increase the sales-qualified leads pipeline.

Proper resource utilization: Telecalling and pre-sales teams have improved, focusing on productive tasks and speaking to qualified prospects for faster closure.

Sales-cycle time: The sales cycle time for closure of property booking has significantly dropped due to the consistent follow-up of the bots and automation. The automation kept reminding the customer and the internal staff of the following items on the agenda.

Since deploying the Todook conversational AI automation chatbot, the real estate company has achieved a whopping 94% response rate (avoiding all the spam leads with improper contact details).

The adoption of chatbots has to define a seamless roadmap for organizations. Welcome to the future.

To know more about the state-of-the-art features of Todook and how they help customers solve their queries faster, avoid lead leakage, or improve the speed of response, sign up now!

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