How an internet service provider company resolved 75% of chats without needing a customer service advisor in the conversation?

Internet services provider (ISP) company resolved 75% of chats without the need for a customer service advisor in the conversation using a chatbot. This is thanks to the power of chatbots - intelligent software programs that can understand and respond to human conversation. By using chatbots, ISP company was able to improve customer satisfaction, reduce complaints, and speed up response times.

About the company:

Their aim is simple: to provide our customers with impeccable service, backed by experience and expertise in all things IT. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients, which means we will always be there for them - providing them with the best possible solutions for their needs.

The Goal of the company:

The goal of ISP company is to provide high-quality customer service and speed up response times.

When it comes to customer service, ISP company understands that the time it takes for a response can be frustrating and costly. That's why they make a point of ensuring that each and every inquiry is dealt with as quickly as possible. This allows customers to get their issues resolved as soon as possible while minimizing potential damage or loss. Additionally, ISP company strives to provide an enjoyable experience by being courteous and polite when responding to inquiries. They want everyone who interacts with them feel like they're valued members of the community!

The problem:

Delays in responding to chats and frustrated customers

When customers contacted the ISP company for support, they often found that customer service advisors were not available to help. This caused delays in responding to chats and frustrated customers.

There were also issues with the way in which customer service was communicated. For example, it was often difficult to understand what the customer service representative was saying. This made it difficult for customers to ask questions and get answers quickly.

The solution using the Todook chatbot

ISP company wanted to make their customer service experience as good as possible. To do this, they needed to find a way to improve response times and communication.

Todook is designed to help customers with support issues by responding quickly and communicating clearly.

Trigger and send an automated cross-channel welcome note to the customers seeking support from the company side from Facebook, website, app, Instagram, and Google to WhatsApp and drive the conversation there

Identify the crucial points in the workflow, set tags appropriately, and send a notification to the senior support or technical team for human takeover.

Todook supports multilingual conversation so that the bot can engage with customers in the language of their choice. This will help to ensure that all customer needs are attended to promptly and politely, reducing delays and frustrating customers.


Increased Customer satisfaction ratings


Reduced Complaints


Improved Efficiency within the organisation